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Saptha Techno Soft
Explore the new range of products from Saptha Techno Soft, where it is transformed into a complete solution through a combination of advance technology, in depth expertise, and Customization to match different needs.
Our Products
Bullet  CCTV Camera
Bullet  Biometric Device
Bullet  RFID Solutions
Bullet  Desktop/Laptop
Bullet  Printers
Bullet  Scanners
Bullet  Thinclient
Bullet  Ups & Invertors
Saptha Techno Soft has a dedicated team for outstanding SERVICE & SUPPORT with high technical acumen furnished with the latest design tools, benchmarks for more reliable and speedy service. In addition to this the company has many more advantages like :-
  Bullet  Implementation of latest techniques for servicing
Bullet  Maintains the system & service history, for better service
Bullet  Service details necessary information is maintained
Bullet  Remote servicing using RAS or Tele-Service
Bullet  Both Onsite & center servicing
Bullet  Maintenance of 3rd party software also
Bullet  Special care to data & data recovery
Bullet  Implementation of schedule backups
Bullet  Easy stand by solutions for major problems
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